Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to onboard & set-up with Deliveroo/UberEats/Just-Eat?

At Brand Bae we do all the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and relax. We will take care of everything for you to get started.

Do you provide the packaging for your brands?

Yes we do, this can be purchased directly from our supplier website.

How does the supply work? Do I have to use your suppliers?

As we have our own brands & CPU, you will be required to use specific ingredients that are only available from us.

Do you have a variety of brands?

We cover many brands, please have a look at our brand portfolio to see them.

How do you determine what brands will work best for me & my location?

We use data to drive which brands we select in-conjunction with what kitchen equipment is on your premises.  Selecting the brands this way ensures that you will get the best return on your investment.

Do you provide the training of your brands?

Brand Bae provides training for your entire kitchen team which includes the tech. This is booked at a time that is suitable for you and your staff. You will also have access to our learning management system so you can access our training videos on the brands & tech 24 hours a day.

How do you determine if we are a good location for your brands?

We will provide data analysis in your area to see if your site is suitable.

If I decide to go ahead, how long will it take to launch?

Currently, it’s approximately two-three weeks from the point of sale, but could be sooner.

Do I need to hire extra staff to fulfil your brands?

It will depend on how many staff you currently have and order volume the brands generate, but we assess the kitchen make the transition as easy and inexpensive for you as possible.

What technology is required?

You will only need a tablet & a printer which you will need to purchase. Our tech platform/software is designed to streamline all your orders from the delivery partners into one easy, simple interface that will help you manage all your delivery business.

The aggregators will provide you with their tech equipment but this can be kept out of sight if you are using our solution.

What kitchen equipment do I need to fulfil your brands?

We have a great selection of brands, and most of them require you to have certain types of equipment. Let’s talk over the phone to make sure your restaurant is compatible with the brands.